The Book Launch

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At last the book launch! Here we go!

The book Getting amazing things done™quietly appeared on Amazon a little over a week ago. I have waited until today for the official book launch while the website was completed. And now everything is ready. So, let’s get rockin’!

Joy of Leading

This book was born out of a desire to inspire others to lead with passion and commitment to the mission and the people. There is a pure joy in leading others well. It is about project management and the qualities of true leadership that are critical to winning. Blend these ideas with your own style and watch your teams exceed your expectations and, perhaps, even your dreams. Grab the book and get moving!

I encourage you to explore the website. See what others are saying and read a description of the book. You will also find other supporting materials and activities. My hope is that this book will awaken in you a renewed passion to lead well. Pickup your copy today. Make this the launch moment for real change among your projects and your people. It’s time to lead!

Henry Lewis

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