The Launch Video

The “Getting amazing things done”™ launch video presents the simple case for buying the book – What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Seems simple. The ability to lead well is really what the book is all about. Yes, it is for project managers. But more. Leaders in every sphere will benefit from the focus on the leader’s heart and passion. Do you want to lead well?

A good friend, Jamin Dick, read the book and said, “’Getting Amazing Things Done’ equips the aspiring Project Manager with every needed tool and then challenges her to remember the true key to success; the Team. How many leaders heap up knowledge but fail to inspire their people! You need to read it now.”

Here is the video. Take a view. Determine to buy the book and begin to lead with new passion. The actions you take today may impact your people and your enterprise for years to come. Lead well, my friends.  Henry



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