Seeing beyond the sums

One of the dangers in leadership is to rely on counting too much. In our discussions we emphasize the need to speak in specific, measurable terms; namely, numbers. And this is very important. But we must use care on this point to balance our message. It is important that numbers are not all we speak about. As project managers, our mission, the project objective, is often defined in terms of numbers; numbers to achieve, numbers to exceed; whether we have achieved our mission or not is measured numerically, Yes, we achieved it, or, no we did not.

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Albert Einstein once said, “Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted.” What does this tell us? On the one hand, numbers themselves are not inherently meaningful. And on the other hand, many things that are meaningful, are not defined by numbers at all. From Einstein’s perspective, the universe of the good and useful, the universe of meaningful things, was broader than strictly numeric expression. And we know this from our experience.

If your whole message speaks of numbers, and if your objectives are purely scribed in terms of data points, quotas, and tick points, then the people involved begin to see themselves as only cogs in a wheel grinding work out in raw numeric terms; cold and without consideration for the personal insights or interests of the team or others; just numbers; no sense of deeper purpose or meaning, no sense of the profound or of discovery, only lifeless static numeric expressions. Although we frequently reference our baselines and talk about how we are progressing against them and other measures, the truly important things we have to say to each other have little to do with the numbers. They are all about a deeper, more significant world and experience. And it is on the cusp of these living relationships that truly astonishing results occur, where teams perform extraordinary things.

Excerpted from Getting amazing things done by Henry Lewis

What Kind of Leader?

“What kind of leader will you be? Do you want to open windows of possibilities to your teams? Do you want to nurture others as they reach for their full potential? Do you want them to achieve amazing, startling, wonderful things, or just the same old, boring results?

If I know you, you want amazing. Good for you. If so, then you must purpose to serve them. You must set your mind to inspire and uplift every day in a thousand small ways. You must speak true, stay focused on the mission, and truly care about your people. And you must tell them these things with your words and actions every day. You are the leader.”

The Launch Video

The “Getting amazing things done”™ launch video presents the simple case for buying the book – What Successful Project Managers Know and How They Lead People to Do Amazing Things. Seems simple. The ability to lead well is really what the book is all about. Yes, it is for project managers. But more. Leaders in every sphere will benefit from the focus on the leader’s heart and passion. Do you want to lead well?

A good friend, Jamin Dick, read the book and said, “’Getting Amazing Things Done’ equips the aspiring Project Manager with every needed tool and then challenges her to remember the true key to success; the Team. How many leaders heap up knowledge but fail to inspire their people! You need to read it now.”

Here is the video. Take a view. Determine to buy the book and begin to lead with new passion. The actions you take today may impact your people and your enterprise for years to come. Lead well, my friends.  Henry



The Book Launch

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At last the book launch! Here we go!

The book Getting amazing things done™quietly appeared on Amazon a little over a week ago. I have waited until today for the official book launch while the website was completed. And now everything is ready. So, let’s get rockin’!

Joy of Leading

This book was born out of a desire to inspire others to lead with passion and commitment to the mission and the people. There is a pure joy in leading others well. It is about project management and the qualities of true leadership that are critical to winning. Blend these ideas with your own style and watch your teams exceed your expectations and, perhaps, even your dreams. Grab the book and get moving!

I encourage you to explore the website. See what others are saying and read a description of the book. You will also find other supporting materials and activities. My hope is that this book will awaken in you a renewed passion to lead well. Pickup your copy today. Make this the launch moment for real change among your projects and your people. It’s time to lead!

Henry Lewis