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So, you’ve been hearing the wild buzz around the book “Getting Amazing Things Done™ – in your crazy jammed life” and you want in on the action. The “Getting Amazing”™ Two-hour Webinar is an excellent place to start. Get a first-hand introduction to the leadership and project management principles discussed in the book by the author himself. This two-hour webinar walks you through critical leadership ideas and will leave you jazzed and ready to make a real difference to your people and your project. It’s time to discover the joy of leading others well.

As you prepare for the “Getting Amazing”™ Two-hour Webinar consider picking up a copy of the book “Getting Amazing Things Done – in your crazy jammed life”, the “Getting Amazing”™ Project Manager’s Digital Toolbox, and the “Getting Amazing”™ Webinar Workbook. The Toolbox, and Workbook are downloadable products.  A small buy for a big return. Awesome. This event may just change your whole approach to leading others and the projects you work on. Go ahead, reach for amazing things!

Do you have oversight over multiple project managers? Does your organization need fresh vision? The “Getting Amazing”™ Two-hour Webinar is a simple way to give your leaders a new sense of who they are and the true impact they have on their people. This is a chance to bring new passion and excitement into the climate of your teams. Arrange an event for your organization today. Just contact us for details.